Welcome to Austin Aqua Yoga

Gently cultivate a strength while being kind to your joints with yoga in the water.

Aqua Yoga is accessible! Yoga in the water soothes the nervous system and reduces inflammation making it a fantastic yoga practice for people of various ages, sizes and abilities.

Explore the breath and body with this mindful practice.




Due to overwhelming interest, we will be holding another Water Workshop!

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Join us! Workshop is limited to 10 students please register soon as the last one filled up.

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Restorative Aqua Yoga

Unwind your nervous system, through simple movements, breath and sound. Practice mindfulness as you explore how each pose affects multiple layers of your being.  Tickets available for both classes or single classes.

Details here 

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Aqua Yoga Vinyasa

10am Sundays Aqua Vinyasa Series at Floating Lotus  


 Did you know the physical practice of yoga (asana) is one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga?


Yoga is the practice of uniting mind, body and spirit. The ancient master yogi, Patanjali outlined the Eight Limbs of Yoga as a way to uncover all the goodness of your true nature. The integration of all eight limbs is a powerful way to deepen your practice and transform your world from the inside out. Learn more about the first limb with Katherine’s latest Yogapedia blog: “What Aqua Yoga Taught Me About Yama’s” 

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Check out Katherine’s “Aqua Yoga For Peace, Love and Happiness” on Youtube!


Aqua Yoga Sequence is now for sale on Etsy



You can order this water resistant Aqua Yoga Sequence from the Austin Aqua Yoga Etsy store!


Want to teach Aqua Yoga or just deepen your practice? 


Please go to Camella Nair’s Aqua Kriya Yoga website for Aqua Yoga teacher certification details and dates.

Not in Texas? Find a Aqua Kriya Yoga Certification Weekend in your area or host one by checking out Camella’s site.


More Classes around Austin… 

Please go to “Where to Find a Class” page for other classes around Austin.

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Austin Aqua Yoga was created by Katherine Winge.

Find Katherine’s complete public yoga (land and water) class schedule at KatherineWinge.com