“I am unable to do a lot of things on land that I can do in water. I never thought that I would be able to do Yoga. Now it is one of the most important classes that I take. On land I can’t get down on the floor or get back up but in the water, I can do all the yoga moves. I started the Aqua Yoga just to see what it was all about and soon found that I needed to do it. Aqua Aerobics which I take too is a fast paced exercise class for the body in the water and I still enjoy it but the Aqua Yoga is relaxing, peaceful and relieves the stresses of daily living. It helps me with movement, balance and generally overall feeling good. It, also, helps me get in touch with my body and how it is feeling. Aqua Yoga helps with all the things that land yoga does with the extra added benefit of the peacefulness of the water. The water environment is very soothing and that is something you can’t get on land. When I had my knee surgery a few years back, I decided to try some of the deep breathing exercises that I had learned in Aqua Yoga class to see if that would help with the pain. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did help. I still took the pain meds but I didn’t have to take them as often and was able to stop taking them sooner that expected.”



“I switched from land yoga to aqua yoga because my muscles would hurt for 24+ hours after land yoga. In the water the buoyancy prevents this strain. I am also able to stretch further which has greatly increased flexibility. A surprise benefit is that a hip problem (from a long ago fall) is finally resolving. This is after many years of various and multiple treatments.
Katherine focuses on gently “building up the core muscles” which has led to this change. All of my joints (including neck and back) are looser, too. I have been participating for just over two months and plan to do so indefinitely.”



“Katherine is a relaxed and conscientious instructor. I have arthritis and she was great about helping modify a pose if something was painful. I always finished class feeling relaxed and centered.”



“On a Tuesday, I took my first aqua yoga class and it felt great. I hadn’t moved my knees freely and without pain in over a year, and my mind quieted. That didn’t happen in regular yoga; not even restorative, as the joint pain took precedence. The next day I didn’t need the inflammatory. I went to yoga again on Thursday; same experience. Over the weekend I ran errands and shopped for 7 hours; no medication and no limp, just minor pain at the end of that long day. Several people in the past week have commented on how good I look. I’m excited; this is giving me my life back. Thanks Katherine, a big part of this is your sweet, and gentle spirit.”